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Meet up, clean up March 21st

Clean up on Eastside Pueblo-March 21st

We'll be joining E.A.S.T. Pueblo (Eastside Action Support Team) in their endeavor to help clean up and beautify the area.   The Homie Patrol group run by Frank Arteaga will be out doing their cleanup from March 15th to 28th ...


Pueblo supports Walmart strikers!

We were out to support the Walmart strikers who fight for fair wages! With a dozen protestors we made a statement for a couple hours in front the north Pueblo store.

Faltan 43

Join the rally for Faltan 43!

July 9th Invite

Pueblo House is hosting another music night July 9th

July 9th is the next music evening at the "Li'l Stone House" corner of Hudson & 5th. Starts 6:30 with musicians and fun times!


Pueblo marches with the world, against Monsanto

There was a decent turnout for the march against Monsanto today. Many had their signs and stood for hours waving at the passing traffic many of whom honked to let us know they got it too. We estimate ...


Cinco de Mayo, Gandhi Peace Picnic & Town Hall Meeting

First, was the Cinco de Mayo parade on the Eastside of Pueblo, which ran down 8th St. with final destination at El Centro de Sol. We got a few pictures before heading to Mineral Palace Park where we attended the ...


The Dark Secrets of TPP- Join us Dec. 3rd for a huge rally 4th & Midtown

Occupy Pueblo and many other groups will be joining in solidarity to protest against the passing of TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which has been kept in secret..... up until now. We'll be meeting at 3:30-4:00 pm to educate the ...

A New Roof for the Little Red House

The Little Red House has a new roof, thanks to both Cornerstone Roofing and Guttering, owned by Rory Huskins, and the expert roofing crew from Cornerstone—Edgar, Lalo, Jose, Flavio and Edwiges. Work began early Monday morning, September 17, and the job ...

Power to the Little Red House

The Little Red House now has electrical power, thanks to the generosity of Pueblo Electrics Inc., which donated the labor, and to the expertise of its crew, Jimmy Martinez, Justin Hawkins and Gabriel Massaro. After consulting with Tino and Janet the ...

Occupy Joins Fiesta Day Parade

Occupy the Roads and Occupy Pueblo were among the 72 floats, musical groups, and other entries who participated in the Fiesta Day Parade, viewed by an estimated 25,000 spectators on Sunday, September 2, 2012 in Pueblo. Approval to enter the parade—and ...