Organizational Meeting/General Assembly this Thursday

Thursday, October 27 · 5:00pm – 8:30pm

Christ Congregational Church UCC

Corner of Liberty and Bonforte in Belmont
Pueblo, CO
Organizational meeting for Occupy Pueblo. We look forward to discussing the great things we have done so far, and where everyone wants to focus our future energies.These are the notes from the General Assembly that happened after the action last Friday.GA MEETING AGENDA 10/21/2011

I. What is the General Assembly?
II. Hand signals in the GA
III. Consensus taking
IV. Concerns
V. Announcements


I. Consensus taking on notes form org. meeting 10/201/2011
A. GA agreed unanimously to not use the word protest
1. Protest creates a feeling of negativity and is seen as low level terrorism
B. GA agreed unanimously on 3 Core Values of the movement for Pueblo after debate
1. GA agreed unanimously that first core value is “We are for economic fairness”
a. This changed from “against economic inequality” because we wanted to put a positive spin on it and differentiate it from a socialist view
2. GA agreed unanimously that second core value is “against corporate greed”
a. Debate over changing it to “against corporate personhood” but decided against it because it was too specific
b. Debate over changing it to “for corporate responsibility” but decided the term was too ambiguous
3. GA agreed unanimously that 3rd core value is “against money in politics”
a. Many people agreed on the assertion that we “support public funding in politics” but no official general consensus was made on this
C. GA agreed unanimously on the Good Neighbor Policy with amendments made
II. Concerns/Ideas
A. Many people in the movement are also for a “peace economy” because so much of our budget is given to the military and some believe this should be in our core values
B. Concerns that not enough pictures are being uploaded to the facebook page or the website
1. “Advertise not argue”
C. Concern that people can’t hear other people during the GA
1. One man stated he had about 3 megaphones (didn’t catch who that was)
D. On November 5th concider moving into 24/7 occupation at the sister city park
1. Pros-
a. Can develop teams and coordinating groups easier because there will be more time
b. People without internet access will know where the Occupy movement is and know where to get information
c. We will be more in line with what’s happening in New York
2. Cons-
a. The momentum may dwindle
b. There may not be as many people there and media coverage may stagnate
c. People may not feel as important if they can’t do the 24/7 occupation
3. This will be discussed further on the forum and next week at the next GA.
III. Announcements
A. Event November 9 from 5-7 Presented by Leslie
1. Will post on fb page (MORE INFO NEEDED)
B. Event Nov. 3 “Share the Burden” at 4pm at Sister city park
1. Laber movement/food drive
C. Event Oct 29th at 1:30-3 on Health Care at County Conference Room on Santa Fe Ave.

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