Occupy Pueblo’s Website is Live

Occupy Pueblo is a component of the larger movement, Occupy Wall Street, which originated in New York City with the assistance of Adbusters and Anonymous. The movement itself is self proclaimed as organic and in its formative stages, currently establishing its purpose, its methods, and its goals. One of the chief aims of the movement that is forming, also lending it much traction in current culture, is opposition to the Fed as it stands, fiat currency, and corporate involvement in American politics and government.

The purpose of this chapter of the movement is to show nationwide support and emboldening, just the same our brothers and sisters in Colorado Springs, Denver, and a growing number of other states are at this time. We aim to create a central hub of information, media, opinion, and collaboration here at Occupy Pueblo’s website. Please come back soon as this website gains contributors and content.


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  1. Ted Lopez says:

    Pls send an update about when/where/time of next movement/demonstration.

    Thank you,
    Ted Lopez

  2. Tilly Reed says:

    Hello, I live in Crestone, CO but work in Africa so I am not able to physically participate. I would however like to contribute to the effort. Can I make a donation?

    • Admin says:

      I imagine that will be possible. We have a general assembly this evening and I’ll see if people can talk about what engine we’d like to do that with. Thank you Tilly.

  3. Bill Pierce says:

    Hey, I went to Wells Fargo at 8th and Main today (Friday) at 3:30. Hung out until 3:45. No one there. How about updating your web site if you change things

  4. We immigrated from Germany and build our business here, retired, and find this the best country in the world.
    Problem with these gatherings is: unemployment!
    When we have Obama replaced next year, our unemployment will get back to normal, and will give people no time to protest.
    We can not allow to have our country be socialilzed.

    • Admin says:

      This is Occupy Wall Street, not Occupy Unemployment. Our issue is with the big banks and their lobbying of our government “representatives”, a matter we have little choice in as it stands. When people at OWS vent about their employment problems, it’s a symptom of the bigger problem, which is the big banks and the income disparity that they perpetuate.
      Occupy Wall Street wants the original promise of the United States as a republic. Your concerns that we want socialism shows that you are listening to large corporate media. Of course they would tell you that we want socialism. If you knew what we were really about, you’d stand a greater chance of joining us, and they don’t want that.