Pueblo House – Occupy Pueblo & Occupy the Roads new venture

Occupy Pueblo is pleased to welcome the crew of Occupy the Roads, who have met and connected with people in 37 States. A house was recently donated to Occupy the Roads and a new mission has become “to revitalize this little red brick historic house”. We envision using it for a Regional Hub, Occupy Pueblo Meetings, and also to give a voice to the East Side Community. We’ll be working with the community to bring much needed services to the area. This historic home was built in 1872 and therefore is a big part of the community and very much worth saving!

OTR has traveled the Country uniting Communities & promoting a better future; free of political corruption and bought politicians. They’ve taken to the streets in order to bring social & economic justice, uniting communities for change. They achieve their goal by visiting cities one by one and learning from it’s activists about pressing local issues. They share what they learn as they travel to each new city, educating themselves and others. OTR has applied for 501c3 non-profit status.

Activists across the country share grave concerns about things like fracking for natural gas, illegal mortgage foreclosures and devastating state budget cuts that are wreaking devastation on the poor and middle class.

They use they’re website, twitter, facebook, visuals, documentaries and most of all their 31 feet traveling billboard (an RV called the “V”) to communicate the message that started on Wall Street. Protest posters, photos and commentary from Occupiers across the country are emblazoned on the “V”. We only have 13 States left to visit.

Occupy the Roads is asking if the community would donate items that we can sell at our Yard Sale (Non-Profit tax receipts will be given) scheduled for August 17 + 18th. We hope to raise money to replace the roof, add plumbing & electrical (which is in dire need).

During the week of Aug. 12th we expect to have occupiers from across Colorado & New Mexico show up to help work on the house. Channel 5 news will be covering the story and be out with their camera crew on Monday Aug. 13. We invite anyone who is available to come join in. We hope to have live music and art on site.

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