Move to Amend – making signs for Obama’s visit on Thursday

The Move to Amend people gathered at Anne’s for a sign making evening which turned out to be great fun! Here are some photo’s from the gathering.

On Thursday, the group is planning to meet around 8:30 am near Gate 3 of the Fairgrounds (near the corners of Mesa and Acero and Arroyo and Acero). The group will highlight Referendum 1A – Reclaim OUR Rights.

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  1. isa says:

    Please get out there and let our voices be heard today people! Pres. Obama has authorized billions of our tax dollars to go towards massive multi-nationals for weapons (drones!) to be used on innocent families. He has supported indefinite detention for people, foregoing our right to due process. He is a liar and a crook serving the 1%, let the public know, he is not with us.