Yard Sale Builds Ties with East Side Community

The Yard Sale at the Little Red House, 816 E. 5th Street, Friday and Saturday, August 17 and 18 was a huge success. Funds were raised to help renovate the house. More importantly, though, the yard sale established ties between the East Side community and Occupy the Roads and Occupy Pueblo. Folks from the neighborhood visited the sale, chatted with members of Occupy about the Little Red House, learned about renovation plans, and offered their ideas about ways in which the house might be used to benefit their community.

Thanks to those who donated items and to those who visited the sale. And special thanks to Anne B., Anne C., Bama/Josh, Cheryl, Rachel, Skiv and Tino for the many hours they devoted to sorting and pricing the donated items, setting things up, and staffing the yard sale.

Yard sales to raise money to help renovate the Little Red House are planned in the future, with dates and places yet to be decided. Stay tuned for details.

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