Occupy Meets with East Side Neighborhood Association

Members of Occupy the Roads and Occupy Pueblo met with the East Side Neighborhood Association Thursday evening, August 23. The meeting was chaired by City Council member Eva Montoya and about thirty were in attendance, including several candidates for local and state offices who gave brief campaign speeches. Those attending from Occupy included Carole, Cheryl, Don, Glen, John, Rich, Scott, Skiv and Tino.

Representatives of Occupy made a brief presentation about the Little Red House—an explanation of how Occupy the Roads acquired the house, what the plans are for renovating it, and possible uses to which it may be put, with an emphasis on what will benefit the East Side Community. An invitation was extended to those present to visit the house and offer suggestions about how it might best be used to benefit the community.

During the week, Tino continued replacing bricks to straighten and strengthen the interior and exterior walls on the east side of the house. Tino is fast becoming an accomplished mason.

Janet will return on Monday, August 27 from her two-week absence that included a week-long business trip to Hawaii and a second week visiting family and friends in Washington state and Canada.

And finally, replacement of the roof on the Little Red House has tentatively been scheduled to begin a day or two after Labor Day.

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