Power to the Little Red House

The Little Red House now has electrical power, thanks to the generosity of Pueblo Electrics Inc., which donated the labor, and to the expertise of its crew, Jimmy Martinez, Justin Hawkins and Gabriel Massaro.

After consulting with Tino and Janet the previous day, the crew from Pueblo Electrics arrived on Thursday, September 6, installed new conduit, a box and breakers, two receptacles, grounding, and upped the amps to meet current code.

Then on Monday, September 10, Black Hills Energy installed the meter and connected the house to the power lines.

The two receptacles provide a plug-in for the RV and for an extension cord to power tools used inside the house. Currently, there is no power inside the house as it needs to be completely rewired, another project for which planning is underway.

Thanks again to Pueblo Electrics and its crew of electricians—Jimmy, Justin and Gabriel—all of whom are members of IBEW, Local 12.

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