A New Roof for the Little Red House

The Little Red House has a new roof, thanks to both Cornerstone Roofing and Guttering, owned by Rory Huskins, and the expert roofing crew from Cornerstone—Edgar, Lalo, Jose, Flavio and Edwiges.

Work began early Monday morning, September 17, and the job was finished late in the afternoon of the next day.

The two-day job started with all crew members helping strip the old shingles and tar paper from the roof; next, while two began putting on the sheathing, the others brought sheathing, rolls of tar paper and bundles of shingles from the supply trailer and placed them in convenient locations along the sides of the house. As the sheathing progressed, the other crew members, who had finished laying out the materials and supplies, attached flashing along the edges of the roof, laid tar paper over the sheathing and flashing, and began nailing on the new shingles. And while all of this was going on, one crew member was cleaning up the debris, putting it in a trailer for removal.

The crew worked as a well-coordinated team—the different phases of the job moved quickly and efficiently, and the entire job was impressively and expertly done.

Now that the roof has been replaced, renovating the inside of the house can resume. Immediate plans include framing several of the rooms, followed by the installation of the electrical wiring, a job that will be done by a group of students from Pueblo Community College, under the supervision of their instructor.

Janet continues to make contacts with groups and organizations, with an eye toward offering the Little Red House as a community resource. And, in early October, she plans to hit the road again, joining a caravan of RVs to Occupy the Roads.

Tino and Rachel were in New York City during the week, attending the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. They will be back this week, joined by several Occupiers from Fort Collins, who will help with the renovation.

Stay tuned for updates.

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