Cinco de Mayo, Gandhi Peace Picnic & Town Hall Meeting

First, was the Cinco de Mayo parade on the Eastside of Pueblo, which ran down 8th St. with final destination at El Centro de Sol. We got a few pictures before heading to Mineral Palace Park where we attended the Peace Picnic Sponsored by the Gandhi Peace Foundation: Doug Gale, MaryAnn Roldan, Patrick Hurley, Steve Parke, Neema Caughran.

Many groups were represented in the small attendance. Everyone introduced themselves as we went around the group. Although there were only a dozen people present it was engaging. We discussed things happening around town that were open to the public. We talked about Veterans for Peace and the high cost of war, financially and emotionally for those who served and are serving.

We participated in a town hall meeting on the 4th floor of the Rawlings Library May 3rd. We joined the meeting to discuss the fact that Black Hills Energy is looking for another rate increase of 3.9%. Pueblo has the highest electric/utility rates in all of Colorado and the greed of this company had a light shone on it at this meeting. Story after story from people directly affected by outlandish increases. Rep. Garcia is standing with the people to get a bill passed to stop the increases and help the people. Businesses are greatly affected by these increases, which also prove to be a deterrent for new businesses coming to Pueblo. This is what happens when a private (non transparent) company runs the publics utilities. Will the lessons ever be learned?

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