Pueblo marches with the world, against Monsanto

There was a decent turnout for the march against Monsanto today. Many had their signs and stood for hours waving at the passing traffic many of whom honked to let us know they got it too. We estimate about 50 -80 might have been present.

Most of the fun was handing out pamphlets to let the consumers, who were totally oblivious to Monsanto and it’s “evil doing but, were shocked when they learned that stuff was being put in their food without their knowledge. Most were eager to get the information. Some of course, with their “no thank you” as they see you coming with paper like you’re going to attack them. Sadly, we live in this kind of world where some feel bombarded with so much stuff going on ….. it’s information overload for some.

Thanks to Frank for organizing the event and keeping folks updated on FaceBook. You can be pretty sure anything with corn or soya is from Monsanto (80% of corn is now GMO’d).

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