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  1. Can you post the location where the majority of people are congregating? I’ve seen several requests on facebook, but no responses. thanks, Renee

  2. Rex says:

    There will be a phone call today, don’t know who will initiate the conversation, but you know it was preplanned, as it has been for six weeks. “how many protesters were there today?” none, “NONE” They are ‘occupying’ a ‘park’ 1/2 mile from here. “We dodged a bullet with that one,I don’t understand, they seemed to have more there every week, glad that’s over with. How did your week go otherwise.
    “Pueblo county had their treasurers sale this week, they deposited $20,000,000.00, our Pueblo Mall branch had 6 token withdrawls last saturday”. Well, I guess we won’t need to be following up every fri. anymore, I wish we could get the protesters off our back here in Denver, your doing a good job there in Pueblo, I think I’ll recomend you up for a nice Christmas bonus, better than last years. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, bye. “Bye”.

  3. rex says:

    Just wanted to verify to you that this phone conversation itself is hypothetical, based on info I’ve heard from Denver, but I know for a fact after our first ‘occupation’ of the corner at 8th & Main on that Fri. the following monday an email was sent to all Wells Fargo employees telling them how wonderful and benevolent ‘their’ employer was.