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Which audio should I include in Man of Steel ? (poll closed)

16 (43%)
AAC 7.1
12 (32%)
FLAC 7.1
9 (24%)
Star3Lord14.52K Elite Uploader
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18 May 2015

Please help me to decide which audio should I include with my encode of movies.

Currently the poll is conducted for Man of Steel.

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.45cal31.21K Uploader
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03 September 2014
Dts sound would be great.imagethumb_up
Star3Lord14.52K Elite Uploader
posts: 499uploads: 60
18 May 2015
DTS is not an option at all. I would rather include AAC audio instead of DTS as I have done in most of my uploads. AAC provides unparallel quality/size compared to other audio codecs like DTS or AC3 except its not lossless like DTS-HD MA OR TrueHD.
ScribeOfGoD31.47K Elite Uploader
posts: 7392uploads: 86
05 September 2013
and also the only people that would benefit from this are people that have the tech to actually use the higher grade audio. I'm not one of them
fiveofseven115.44K KAT Staff
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22 January 2013
Out of your 2 options, I voted DTS.
But I'll reiterate what some have pointed out.
Not everyone is DTS or Flac ready when it comes to watching movies.
Consider using aac for track one (automatic for thems who's without skill to change it)
and DTS for track 2
Star3Lord14.52K Elite Uploader
posts: 499uploads: 60
18 May 2015
I am only gonna include a lossless audio with deadpool, for other movies there will be more options.
small2cats482762 Uploader
posts: 20uploads: 4
11 April 2012
I'm all for DTS-HD MA. Thank you for lossless audio though. When I had cheap headphones and crappy built in DAC, lossless still sounded way better. Now that I have better headphones and a decent DAC, the difference is night and day between lossless and lossy content.

Can't wait for your rip roflthumb_up
roosteregg489 User
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01 October 2015
I'm voting for FLAC, my system and app plays well with FLAC audio, also in total there's a 600mb savings when compared to DTS HD-MA.
SingMeToSleep1594 Uploader
posts: 15uploads: 5
20 November 2015
ElectroZ2193 Uploader
posts: 65uploads: 2
27 December 2014
FLAC! Same sound quality, smaller size!

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